Size Chart - Glad I Found You Dress

Above is the size chart for the Glad I Found You dress! All measurements are of the garment itself, not body measurements. We recommend following your bust measurement to determine size. The dress features a roomy, flowy skirt with two big pockets. 

**The dress has NO stretch so please take this into consideration!**

**The armhole of this dress can be a bit tight for some people - please carefully examine the sleeve opening section of the size chart!**

To get a similar fit to the model, please choose a size with a bust measurement ~at least~ 6 inches larger than your bust measurement. 

If in doubt, always order a size larger than you think because you can always tailor the dress to be smaller, but you cannot easily make something larger. 

After reviewing the size chart, if you are still not sure which size to get, please email us with your measurements or questions, and we'll be more than happy to help! 🌻 Email:

Statistically, if you ask us for a sizing recommendation before placing an order, your chance of being unsatisfied with your purchase is close to zero. Click here to read "Should I Ask For a Sizing Recommendation?"

We usually respond to sizing questions within 24 hours.

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