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Missing packages happen from time to time. If your package is marked as delivered on the tracking page, but you did not actually receive it, please consider the following steps to resolve the situation:

1. Please find the order confirmation email, and double check if the shipping address you wrote was actually correct.

2. Please reach out to your neighbors to see if they have received your package on your behalf. This is the most common reason (more than 50% of the time) for missing packages.

3. Wait for at least 2 to 3 days to see if your package shows up. Sometimes, there can be an error in the tracking system where the package is marked as delivered but actually it is still in transit. It also happens that one of your neighbors may hand your package to you within a few days.

4. If you have tried the above and nothing happened, please kindly contact us via email to discuss a potential solution. Our email:

5. Do not submit a credit card chargeback or file a complaint with Shopify and try to resolve the issue that way. As the package has been delivered to your address, your bank or Shopify will very likely side with us. By doing this, you will ruin your chance of resolving the issue in good faith, and risk damaging your credit score. We may even ban you from purchasing from us ever again, if we deem your action to be an intentional assault.

6. As a standard in the e-commerce space, it is generally not the responsibility of the merchant to recover/replace a missing package, once it is marked as delivered. However, we wish to establish a great relationship with our customers, and help our customers resolve issues like this beyond our obligations. 

7. So please do reach out to us via email in a respectful manner, if your package is missing or you are experiencing other issues with our products. The quality of our customer service greatly depends upon the attitude of the customer. Patient and respectful customers are often pleasantly surprised by our generosity. :)