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Care Guide for Thick Sweaters

The knit of our Cozy Day & Daydreamer Sweaters is very thick and breathable, which makes them a bit more fragile than many of our other products! Please be extra careful & gentle when washing/drying it!

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The Story of Our Earliest Days

We dream to make a difference in the world and help steer the fashion industry towards a more sustainable, fun, and inclusive direction. Meanwhile, we wish the positivity and boldness of Shiny by Nature could inspire more people, especially the younger generation, to pursue their dreams and help make our future exciting.

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A Mission to Inspire

While most clothing brands are driven by profit, Shiny By Nature is driven by a mission to inspire. Rather than maximizing our profit, we set out as a company to make a difference in the world by creating fun, colorful, size-inclusive, and high-quality clothing items at relatively affordable prices.

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