Examples of Nicely Folded Return Packages ~

Examples of Nicely Folded Return Packages ~

If we decided to accommodate your return/exchange request, please try to fold the return items as nicely as you can in the original wrapping they came with!

Here are some examples of very nicely folded items:

And here are some samples of carelessly folded items:

Imagine how you'd feel if you are running a clothing brand, and most of the return packages you get are like the first two - you'd be more inclined to accommodate return/exchange requests for your customers.

And imagine how you'd feel if most of the return packages are like the last two - you'd be very discouraged to accommodate return/exchange requests.

The key to a successful brand/customers relationship is mutual trust - when we decide to help you with a return/exchange, we trust that you'd follow our instructions and put proper care into preparing the return package.

If every return package is like the first two, our job would be much easier! However, from time to time, we still receive return packages like the last two.

We started this company to bring a ray of sunshine into people's lives - you can also brighten our days by putting some extra care into your return package :)