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Why Is Affordability So Crucial to Our Mission?

I remember, as a teenager growing up, it was always a struggle for me to find high-quality clothing pieces that I could afford. This struggle, along with the struggle to find clothes that fit right for my body type, made me start my own brand Shiny by Nature.

This is why, despite the rapidly growing and overwhelming demand for our products, we are committed to keeping our products as affordable as possible, while keeping the business afloat.

You may wonder how we can produce ultra high-quality clothing pieces and sell them at a fraction of the price, compared to similar quality items sold at other traditional retailers?

The secret is that we are spending $0 on paid marketing. Many mainstream fashion brands spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on marketing, which is why they have to mark up the prices of the their products to make up for that.

Contrary to this "industry standard", we are doing something new and "risky" - we have not spent a single dollar on advertisement or marketing since late 2022. Instead, we pass down the cost-saving to our customers, so that more people can give our products a try without breaking the bank.

We believe the best marketing is simply putting our products in people's hands - we believe our products are simply so amazing that they will speak for themselves :)

We believe we are doing the right thing - many people have told us that they received our products in the mail, and they could not believe how fantastic the quality of everything was.

We want to let you know that if you are shopping with us, you are always getting the best deal you can find anywhere in the market, and you are supporting a small business that is doing the right thing.

As always, we really appreciate all of your love and support! Y'all are the best! :)


Stay Shiny 🌻

- Alex


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