How To Replace Overall (Dungaree) Buckles/Fastener Clips - Step-by-Step Guide!

Fastener Clips - Step-by-Step Guide!

Although the metal buckles/fastener clips on our denim overalls are made from high-quality materials, they may still break at certain point due to wear and tear. If this happens, don't panic! Simply let us know via email ( and we'll send you a pair of replacement buckles for free!

Then, there comes the question "how to replace the old metal buckles with the new ones?" So here is a step-by-step guide on just that!

Step 1: Lay the garment flat with its front facing you.

Step 2: Loosen the upper loop to make room for the lower loop to go through.

Step 3: Let the lower loop come through, and remove the old buckle from the belt.

Step 4: Put on the new buckle, and make sure the head of the buckle is on top of the belt.

Step 5: Loosen the belt at the fastener to make room.

Step 6: Let the tip of the belt go through from the outer side, and make sure it goes far enough to make a loop.

Step 7: Let the tip of the belt go thought from the inner side.

Step 8: Pull the tip of the belt so that the lower loop is straightened completely.

Step 9: Straighten the upper loop by pulling either from the left or from the right.

Step 10: Snap the buckle on and we are good to go!🌻