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Care Guide for Crossbody Bags

While our crossbody bags are made with high-quality & durable 100% cotton canvas, proper care is still essential to prolong their lifespans. Here are some of our tips on how to properly care for these cuties:

1. Refrain from overloading the bags with too much stuff. While the bags come with many roomy pockets, it is a good idea to only carry relatively smaller and lighter objects in them, and to leave some empty space.

2. Be careful of rough surfaces. Being in contact with rough surfaces or sharp objects can cause the paint on the zippers to start pilling, and weaken the fabrics.

3. If there are loose strings on the inside of the bags, you may carefully trim them off using a pair of scissors. Try not to pull on the loose strings.

4. Try your best to avoid getting the bags dirty. 

5. Try not to wash the bags unless you feel it's very necessary.

6. If you do decide to clean the bags, never throw them into the washer. Hand wash only the dirty spots using cold/warm water and very mild soap. Air dry without direct sunlight. Also, please be aware that even if you are very careful, the colors can still fade a little bit during washing.

7. Have fun! All garments and accessories age just like humans. At the end of the day, nothing lasts forever, and it is the joy they bring us that matters :)

Stay shiny...

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